e-Learning solutions for real people.

We were looking for a simpler way to craft meaningful eLearning solutions but couldn’t find one.


So we did it ourselves.




At Simple Movement we believe the eLearning process should be a collaborative one. We listen first then align our process to your individual needs. The result? Together we create meaningful, well-designed eLearning experiences that always put the learner at the centre of every solution.

Let’s do great work together.


Vanessa Dunn

Founder &
eLearning Consultant

I am passionate about e-learning, accessibility and online community development. Pushing the boundaries of great, accessible design is what drives me – as is hitting deadlines. I love process which makes me a great organizer and project management specialist. 

I love podcasts, walks with my dog, and spending time with my family. I look forward to working with you and developing some really great solutions!

Say hello to vanessa@simplemovement.ca


Matt Foran

Founder &
eLearning Consultant

I have worked in adult education in Toronto, Canada for more than fifteen years.  I’ve had great experience working as a teacher and administrator in adult literacy and have been a professional accessibility consultant for schools, employers and government since 2011. 

I am passionate and committed to supporting accessible learning experiences that allow users to recognize their potential.  

I enjoy playing music, golfing, doing cannonballs, dreaming big and charting paths for ideas to soar and shine. 

Say hello to matt@simplemovement.ca


Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance.

Keep it simple.