Microlearning and Onboarding

Bringing on a new employee is an exciting - and potentially exhausting - step in any business or organization. Oftentimes a new hire has to hit the ground running with lots to learn in a short amount of time. Those 100-page company manuals are no fun and definitely not created for anyone to absorb critical information!

A fabulous tool to ensure that new hires are effectively introduced to (and excel in) their new environment, role and responsibilities is through microlearning.

What is microlearning? Microlearning “refers to the learning strategy that delivers learning content to learners in short, bite-sized, and easily digestible learning nuggets.”

Learning nuggets! Small bite-sized learning modules that can cover everything from the company’s history to health and safety training to company policies and procedures, and can be accessed from anywhere and on any device (your phone, tablet and/or computer). Microlearning is engaging and fun and filled with endless potential. Depending on the company and the material, you can make an online scavenger hunt, incorporate video tutorials and mini-quizzes.

A fun way to introduce your new employee to the team? Have each employee create an avatar detailing what their role is and where they are located. You’ve just effectively reduced quite a few steps for the new employee and saved you having to give directions for the next few weeks!

Don’t want to overwhelm an employee with all of the company details? Space out their training by unlocking a new module each week. This way, the employee is able to focus on perfecting one piece of training content before moving on to the next.

Microlearning is a way to optimize learning potential when strapped for time, staff and other resources. It’s a perfectly simple way to get big results!

Think microlearning may be right for you and your organization? We’d love to talk to you about it.

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Vanessa and Matt

Matt Foran