Our Story


We’re Simple Movement. 

At one time, we were you. We were clients who needed skilled developers and designers to help us create a small number of well-designed, engaging e-courses.  

New to the e-learning world, we found our developers through online searches. In our initial planning meetings, we worked hard to convey our hopes and dreams for projects, only to enter into a process that felt long, uninspired and disappointing.

We felt like we had no control of the outcome of the courses.  With every project update, we were shown substandard work and the production journey became a long, downward spiral. Deadlines were missed, content failed to reflect our vision and, of course, everything was over-budget. 


We decided to take stock. We knew that there was potential in e-learning. We knew that there could be a more inspiring process that ended with better results.  We envisioned integrating a clean production process with curiosity, great design and hard work. With the lessons we learned, we forged a better way to make e-learning courses come to life, and Simple Movement was born.

We want to create a different experience for our clients and their learners. We work hard to make our clients’ process of creating meaningful e-learning design feel easy, collaborative and inspired. 

We don’t keep secrets.  There is nothing up our sleeves.  We want our clients to become savvy e-learning ambassadors who know and expect great work. We get better when our clients challenge us.  

Let’s do great work together.

Vanessa and Matt

Matt Foran